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What i'll be doing.

2008-03-26 20:07:25 by piegodproductions

So since ive been gone, (more than a year now) ive been learning a lot. I just started making simple flash movies, and have decided to start making them for real on newgrounds. I have also learned some simple game making so ill try that also. I'm starting to do hand drawn flipbook cartoons. I also learned a lot more about stop motion. So be looking out for the movies. Enjoy.

New name

2008-03-23 23:05:00 by piegodproductions

The new name is BoshansStudios. Wade would'nt change this name so yeah. Didnt really expect him to do it but its cool. New movies coming soon. The first will either be a moneymation, ( stopmotion with coins) or a movie making fun of Hillary clinton ( no details so the idea isnt stolen).